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Certified Process Server

Cop and Detective Looking at papersBarnes Investigating & Consulting is a Certified Process Server and is authorized to deliver legal papers to the defendant or person involved in a court case. Barnes Investigating & Consulting professionals belong to the Michigan Council of Private Investigators, Process Servers Association and the Deputy Sheriff's Association. We serve legal documents in a timely manner to make sure the court process runs smoothly. Call today to find out more information!

Investigation services

We offer all types of services including; arson, civil/legal investigation, industrial accidents, as well as environmental accidents. Do you need a background check? What about help in locating a person? Offering surveillance options, our trained investigators offer the professional skills needed to a thorough job with attention to detail. Call us today to see what else we can do for your job.

Accident Reconstruction

Camera trackingBarnes Investigating & Consulting specializes in agricultural, construction, industrial and material handling equipment. Was there an on-site accident? Have us investigate what happened. We are able to find out if it was operator error or maintenance issues. We can also tell you what the standard compliance, design evaluation, and if you are at risk of any failures throughout any process. Call us today to find out more.

Fire Investigator

Burning CarCharles Barnes of Barnes Investigating & Consulting is a certified fire and explosion investigator. We specialize in mobile equipment fire on agricultural, construction, material handling, and industrial equipment. Some of the equipment we investigate are appliance fires, mechanical fires, and hydraulic fires. We can also look into the cause of any vehicle fire or recreational vehicle fire. Whether it was from a gasoline or diesel leak, natural gas leak, or propane fire, we will be able to figure out the cause. Call us today to investigate your fire or explosion.

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